Tatami Bed Prices

We’re proud of these great, best selling beds and have no hesitation in giving you our prices up front.  You can return to the tatami bed home page  HERE.

You can purchase frame only, frame and mats (a “complete” bed) or mats only.

Single/Twin  (45.5”W x 75”L  x 15”H)   Complete Bed $719  Frame Only: $500.

Double/Full  (59.5" W x 80.5”L x 15" H)    Complete Bed $979  Frame Only: $605.

Queen (65.5”W x 85.5”L x 15” H)    Complete Bed $999  Frame Only: $615.

Eastern King (81.5” W x 85.5” L x 15” H)   Complete Bed $1125  Frame Only: $699.

Finishes: Honey Oak, Dark Walnut and Natural

__________Bed Size MATS ONLY__________

Are you a floor dweller? Some customers like to put bed-size tatami mats directly on the floor and then one of our comfy futons on top.  Here are prices for “bed size” tatami mats:

•Single 38”W x 75”L x 2” Thick: $219

•Double/Full (Requires two mats) 27”W x 75”L x 2” Thick: $187 ($374 per pair)

•Queen (Requires two mats) 30”W x 80”L x 2” Thick: $192 ($384 per pair)

•Eastern King (Requires two mats) 38”W x 80”L x 2” Thick: $213 ($426 per pair)

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