Hagoita Japanese “Paddles"

Whenever we can we like to offer items on our “special” page that are unique and closely linked to Japanese culture. Hagoita (hah-go-ee-tah)  were the centuries old precursor to badminton paddles and were introduced to Japan from China during the Ming dynasty.  Made of wood,  they were used to play a game called “hanetsuki” which featured shuttlecocks made of bird feathers and soapberry seeds.  The wooden side was used to play the game; the other side became a 3D art form that featured images of kabuki actors dressed to the nines.  Each of these hagoita is approximately 30” tall, 13” wide and about 3” deep.  These are consignment items and not new; we believe they are at least 20 years old and perhaps much older.  If you are a Japanophile, these make fantastic wall decorations for your home (or Japanese restaurant!).   $75 each or $200 for all three. We do not put these out for display. Please ask to see them when you visit.

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